How it works

Organic Influencers

BeeStash provides one of the most secure and trusted platforms selected by reputable Influencers. Any member can use to share content and recommend brands. Everyone can now be an Influencer!


By using BeeStash users have the ability to be part of the earnings distribution and get rewarded for their efforts!

Join the BeeStash Community!

Earn Non Crypto Tokens by Inviting friends to join the BeeStash Community

Easily Unlock your secure Influencer account today, and join the first decentralized community chosen by reputable, trusted Influencers that earns based on user efforts!

What is an Organic Influencer?

Organic Influencer is any community member that shares content, recommends and suggests brands to their friends.


Organic Influencers can have any amount of following on their social media, email, text or other communication portals.